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Previous Works

1. I already Directed two short films named “CHENNAI BRAMMAAKKAL” and “KADAVULE" !

2. Current script got appreciated by major film distributors & they want it to release !

3. The feel good Romantic Comedy film genre never failed in industry. ROM-COM subject !

4. Very experienced & creative technicians. Not money motive persons !

Story Plot

In-between usual horror scripts in Tamil (Kollywood)which takes vengeance around cinema, Our Script & Girl Ghost is totally Romantic & Intelligent by giving good things and more wealth to the Hero for himself to work for her last main wishes after she dies. That means the Ghost’s each task is been completed & Hero’s wealth started to trigger in high ratio!!! An impressive deal between Hero & Ghost !!! (Guaranteed High Box Office Collections)

"Genre : Romance, Comedy - HORROR" in TAMIL"

Why Failures

1. Director & team's greed about producer's money personally !

2. Wrong casting !

3. Non-Commercial screenplay !

4. Negligence while making leads to worst first copy !

5. Sometimes producer's late financing (Lag in Production) !

How to become a producer

Young & Energetic Team

Current cinema industry needs the CELEBRITY DATES more than VALUABLE SCRIPTS. But the real cinema fact is that, even if we have big Artist dates for movie, when the script fails then thats called huge flop! When the script is strong, then we don't even need a big artist than upcoming small stars. Script matters!

Who Am I ?

I'm Mahavishnu. The Standup Comedian, Motivational speaker, Writer, Actor, Filmmaker, Traveller & Business person. Proudly to say, I am an elder Son of Stitching Tailor in the past. Now I'm managing my family in my own by my successful Event Company. And I love the word, "By born POOR is not your mistake, But if you die POOR, its totally your mistake !" And as of now I'm very Rich in my Creativity & Writing sense!

Cinema is nothing when you are smart & known to make 48 Frames (Slow Motion) & Proper BGM to that specific scenes!

Technical Team

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